Dan DreisbachI enjoy photography as a hobby.  Some day I hope to take early retirement to dedicate all of my time to my photography without my day job getting in the way.  Until that day I work a normal day job and enjoy my hobby.

I have enjoyed photography most of my life.  About ten years ago I finally decided to get serious about it.   I have always been able to take a good picture but wanted to take a great picture so I decided I needed to take some formal photography classes.   So I went back to college for a third time and took several photography classes to learn everything I could.  I absolutely loved it and continued taking evening classes for several years.   There is something peaceful about spending a few hours in a dark room working on your prints and a great satisfaction when you finally have the perfect print in the developer.  

I shoot both film and digital.  I love my digital bodies and use them as my primary cameras but there are just some things like night photography with very long exposures that digital just can’t do and film excels at.  

I also enjoy working with the old photography processes like salt prints, Van Dyke browns, Kalitypes and platinum/palladium prints.   The processes take a lot of effort, trial and error but it is very satisfying when you finally get a good print.

I shoot what I enjoy and that includes models, nature, wildlife, urban ruins, night photography, old cars, old towns and pretty much anything else that looks interesting and fun to shoot.  I love nature and being outdoors so it shouldn’t be any surprise that when the weather is nice I’m shooting things like nature, wildlife, lighthouses, birds, flowers and the like.  The colder months is more models and indoor things.  I also tend to do more film shooting in the winter months.  

If you are a model with a photo shoot idea and are interested in working with me please jump over to my contact page and drop me a line.  Weather permitting I like shooting outdoors and on location.   For studio shoots I have studio privileges both in the Detroit area and Chicago.